The Pharmacy specialized in logistics

Located within the LSU distribution center , our specialty pharmacy ensures that your biological and injectable medications will be stored according to the highest standards of Health Canada ( Continuous temperature monitoring of ambient products , cold rooms and freezers, emergency generator … ).

We offer comprehensive solutions to integrate the pharmacy into the patient’s overall clinical care. Whether your oral or self-injectable product will be dispensed within the community practice (point-ofcare) or delivered directly to the patient, thanks to our logistic solutions.

Our pharmacy operates with a pharmacist on site from Monday to Friday 9:00-5:00 PM, and on call 24 / 24 . We manage dispensation, co-pay assistance and Patient support programs in Quebec and all other Canadian provinces.

Our objective is to improve the pharmacy experience for physicians and patients.

For more information, contact us

Phone : (450) 552-8083, option 4

Fax : 1 855 690-0176